Cemetery – Rules and Regulations for Lot Use

Rules & Regulations relating to the use of lots in Pine View Cemetery in the Town of Queensbury.

  1. pine view cemeteryProprietors shall not allow interments to be made in their lots for a Remuneration, nor shall any transfer or assignment of the use of any lot, or of any interest therein be valid without the consent in writing of the Board of Cemetery Commissioners first had and endorsed upon such transfer or assignment. By the laws of the State, no transfer of assignment of a lot can be made after an interment in it “except” with the consent of the Supreme Court after the body is lawfully removed therefrom”. If the Proprietors of any lot in said cemetery shall elect to sell the use of his said lot, the Board of Cemetery Commissioners of the Town of Queensbury shall have the option to repurchase the said lot for the same price or consideration which was received by it for said lot, less any amount set aside for permanent maintenance at the time of purchase. The Proprietor of said lot shall give notice in writing to the Board of Cemetery Commissioners of his intent to sell said lot and stating the price or consideration which such Proprietor paid therefore and the Board of Cemetery Commissioners shall have the right within thirty days from the date of service of such written notice upon a member of the Board to tender such Proprietor the price or consideration paid by such Proprietor to receive a deed thereof. If the Board of Cemetery Commissioners shall fail to repurchase such lot within said thirty day period, then the Proprietor thereof may sell or convey the use of said cemetery lot to any other person or persons, subject to the same conditions, rules and regulations which shall affect the use of all lots in said cemetery.
  2. No disinterment shall be allowed except by consent of the Board of Cemetery Commissioners and upon written order of the owner or owners of the lot and in every case can only be made by the Cemetery Authorities.
  3. An order in writing is required from the lot owner whenever a grave is to be opened for the interment of any person except a husband, wife, parent or child of said lot owner.
  4. The full purchase price must be paid before a deed will be issued or burial allowed. All cemetery charges including those for grave
  5. The Proprietors of lots and their families will be allowed access to grounds at all times, observing the rules which are or may be adopted for the regulation of visitors.
  6. The use of lots is granted subject to permanent maintenance; i.e., the keeping of a well trimmed and well mown sod.
  7. No sign indicating that a lot is “For Sale” will be permitted on the grounds.
  8. The use of concrete vaults is required for interments in all graves. Cremated remains are exempt.
  9. The Proprietor of each lot shall have the right to erect any proper stones, monuments or sepulchral structures thereon except that no slab shall be set in any other than a vertical position; headstones, monuments and markers shall be placed on a concrete or stone base, and no vault shall be built entirely or partly above ground without permission of the Board of Cemetery Commissioners, and all monuments, and all parts of vaults above ground shall be of marble, granite, or other stones acceptable to the Cemetery Commission. Placement of headstones, monuments and markers shall conform to the property lines of the lot.
  10. All markers that are to be used with existing or planned monuments must be placed flush with the ground. Markers used in place of a monument can be placed above the ground.
  11. No corner stones shall be set which shall extend above ground level.
  12. Benches are allowed at grave sites providing there is room at the head of the grave, and the bench does not interfere with normal cemetery maintenance activities. All benches shall be constructed of concrete, stone, bronze or similar material, and placed on a concrete foundation. No wooden or plastic benches are allowed.
  13. If any monument, effigy, or any structure whatsoever, or any inscription is placed in or upon any lot, which shall be determined by the Board of Cemetery Commissioners to be offensive or improper, or injurious to the appearance of the surrounding lots or grounds, they shall have the right, and it shall be their duty to enter upon such lot and remove the said offensive or improper object.
  14. No plantings will be allowed in the Algonquin Section (Urn Garden) because of limited space. Memorial flowers will be subject to approval of the Cemetery Superintendent. All markers in the Urn Garden must be flush with the ground.
  15. If any trees or shrubs situated in any lot shall, by means of their roots or branches become detrimental to the adjacent lots or avenues, or unsightly, or interfere with the cutting of grass, or inconvenient to passengers, it shall be the duty of the Board of Cemetery Commissioners, and they shall have the right to enter the said lot and remove the said trees, shrubs, or such parts thereof as they shall determine to detrimental, unsightly, or inconvenient. Planting of all shrubs and trees shall be approved by the Cemetery Superintendent.
  16. No artificial flowers are allowed in the cemeteries administered by the Town of Queensbury Cemetery Commission. The Board of Cemetery Commissioners reserves the right to remove all flowers or wreaths from graves as soon as they become unsightly. Flower arrangements placed on a grave during a funeral shall be removed within seven days by the lot owner or cemetery personnel. All Christmas decorations shall be removed from graves by April 1st
  17. All plantings or decorative items will be placed directly in front of the headstone if this area is part of the plot. No plantings or decorative items will be placed on any other area of the grave.
  18. No decorative items or pinwheels will be allowed in the cemeteries administered by the Town of Queensbury Board of Cemetery Commissioners. No more than six items may be placed on, or in the proximity of a grave, headstone, or mausoleum at any one time. This includes statues, urns, figurines, candles, flowerpots, hanging plant brackets, or personal items. Glass containers shall be prohibited. Excess items may be removed at the discretion of the Board of Cemetery Commissioners.
  19. All fence or other lot enclosures of any kind are prohibited, with the following exception: a rubber curbing not to exceed two inches in height may be placed directly in front of the headstone. This curbing shall be equal to the width of the headstone, or less, and shall not exceed a distance of fourteen inches in front of the headstone. All items, including personal objects, shall be placed within the enclosure. Crushed stone will not be allowed on graves.
  20. Dogs are not permitted on Cemetery grounds at any time.
  21. Feeding of ducks or geese is not allowed.
  22. The Cemetery grounds are available for exercise walking. Jogging or running are not permitted at any time.
  23. Lot owners shall be notified in writing of Cemetery rules in an effort to resolve any outstanding issues. The Board of Cemetery Commissioners shall make the final determination in the interpretation and enforcement of Cemetery rules.
  24. All work done in the Cemetery shall be performed by Cemetery employees, or under control of, or with the permission of the Board of Cemetery Commissioners.
  25. The Pine View Cemetery is not responsible for any lost or stolen items on Cemetery grounds.
  26. All lot owners are required to notify the Cemetery of any change of address. All notices that are required to be sent to lot owners shall be mailed to the last recorded address, and such notices shall be deemed adequate.
  27. Cemetery personnel may remove and dispose of any items not permitted on graves without notice to lot owners. The Board of Cemetery Commissioners, at their discretion, may alter avenues or walkways, or make such rules and regulations for government of the grounds as they may deem requisite and proper to secure and promote the general objects of the Cemetery.